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Top Online Casino Deposit Methods in Canada

It is good to review casino deposit methods. Do this, before joining any platform. In Canada, punters have access to a number of deposit methods. All advertised as the best. The priority is to find reliable, secure payment methods. They guarantee convenience and instant processing.

Most mobile casinos offer payment solutions. You can use them for deposits and withdrawals. Some are useful for both options. Others are for deposits or withdrawals.

In this review, we examine all the crucial aspects. These are about casino payment methods. We explore popular deposit methods. The review looks into the various sections. These are classic banking methods and debit cards. Modern eWallets, and prepaid cards, and more.

The aim is to help you make suitable decisions when joining a house edge. The link has broad guides and casino news. They major on the best casinos bank and other gambling products. The guides cover essential topics.

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How to choose the best payment methods in the casino

Accesses various payment means. The has a selection basis. The site has a specific design. It evaluates the key player aspects. These impact the experience with the payment methods. This includes:

  • Registration for members without a previous account.
  • Customer support services and response.
  • Safety of players’ security and data.
  • Integration for mobile payment.

We study the ease of use. We look at transaction processing speed, and charges. The review considers character among players especially in the live dealer games and video poker. We review breach of history as facts for online gambling.

Online casinos offer varying deposit methods. Such methods vary across different platforms. Not all methods will be available in the casino withdrawals options. It is worth noting that fraud casinos use reliable payment methods. As such, you should only find trusted platforms. Ensure they have a valid gambling license. The sites should feature advanced security measures. The SSL encryption certificates protect player’s data. They ensure no access from external sources. Make sure you choose popular payment methods. The methods should work with the top-rated live casinos.  They should apply to other genuine businesses.

What to consider when choosing a payment method in an online casino

Online casino dealers accept most payments methods. These are bank transfers and debit cards. Modern digital wallets and e-money, and more. Choose a payment method on the casino such as maestro casinos. Stick to option the casino supports.  Some sites like examine ease of registration.

It checks payment processing duration. We evaluate security and transaction fees. The site checks for mobile integration. As such, the payment method should be secure. It should be convenient and easy to use. Access through your smartphone is a plus. You can check if the payment method is eligible for a casino bonus. Some casinos will restrict some deposit methods. It is because they can trigger a welcome bonus.

Deposit TypeDeposit MethodDeposit timeWithdrawal TimesLimits of depositLimits for withdrawalFeesRequires 3rd Party Account
Instant BankingCredit & Debit CardsInstantInstantUnlimitedATM withdrawal limit is $1,000 and $100 for teen accountsATM that charges a $3 feeYes
Instant BankingVisaInstantInstantUnlimited$600 for ATM cash withdrawal2.65% per transactionYes
Instant BankingMastercardInstantInstantUnlimitedMaximum ATM withdrawal limit per 24 hours is $2,500  2.65% per transactionYes
Instant BankingAmerican ExpressInstantInstantUnlimitedWithdrawal limit is $8,0002.65% per tapYes
International Wire DepositE-WalletsInstantInstantUnlimitedWithdrawal limit is $5,000International Wire Deposit 0.1 %, minYes
International Wire DepositEcoPayzInstantInstantUnlimitedUnlimited2.00% per transactionYes
Instant BankingWebMoneyInstantInstantUnlimitedWithdrawal limit is $9,000$1.50 per transferYes
Instant BankingInstaDebitInstantInstantUnlimitedWithdrawal limit is $10,000$2.00 CAD charge to withdraw fundsYes
Instant BankingPrepaid cardInstantInstantUnlimitedWithdrawal limit is $5,000Withdrawal fee is 5%Yes
Instant BankingPaysafecardInstantInstantUnlimitedWithdrawal limit is $5,0003% fee for ATM cash withdrawalsYes
Instant BankingVanilla PrepaidInstantInstantUnlimitedWithdrawal limit is $5,000charging $1.50-$5 per transactionYes
Instant BankingNeosurfInstantInstantUnlimitedWithdrawal limit is $5,000Charges is 2% (3% for the currency ZLOTY)Yes
Instant BankingInstant BankingInstantInstantUnlimitedWithdrawal limit is $5,000between $25 and $30 for outgoing transfersYes
Instant BankingPayments via mobileInstantInstantUnlimitedWithdrawal limit is $5,0002.5% to 5% for credit card transactionsYes
Instant BankingBokuInstantInstantUnlimitedWithdrawal limit is $5,000Withdrawal fee is 3%Yes

Popular Deposit methods available to Canadian players

Casinos are legal businesses. They can use all kinds of payment methods convenient for their members. As such, Canadian players can scour the market for the best payment methods. Most are useful to other businesses. Some methods, such as bank cards and wire transfers, have been around for decades. Others like interac casinos, attract most punters.

Others, eWallets and peer-to-peer payments, are fresh. But, they draw many people. They are ones you will encounter in most Canadian casinos. All the reviews are available in the next sections. We review all the popular online casino deposit methods.  We focus on available deposit methods. Those that are there for Canadian punters in 2020. The list only features secure, reliable options.

  • Payment methods support all casinos
  • Attract casino punters
  • Adhere to high level of security
  • All payment methods are legitimate
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Credit & Debit Cards

Bank credit and debit cards are some of the oldest payment methods. They have support from most online slots in Canada. It facilitates various other online dealings. These transactions include processing wages and salaries. Making online purchases and receiving loans. Credit or debit cards allow players to deposit funds to the casino.

The amount should not exceed the credit limit awarded. The transaction is like any other online purchase. But, debit cards allow you to deposit from your savings account. Both debit and credit cards offer some of the highest banking information limits. This comes at the expense of fast withdrawals.

  • Swift for online transactions
  • Quick in withdrawals
  • Available for all casino operators
  • Allows deposit from savings
  • Operates with a valid license


Visa credit cards are popular. You can use them to make purchases for goods and services. They are applicable in more than 200 countries. A Visa card can pay online for just about anything. Use it for car repairs to clearing a shopping cart in Canada.

They are popular for use in casinos. The cards offer a secure means to deposit funds to your account. Most casinos accept deposits bonuses made in Visa cards. The Visa cards are familiar to players. They are easy to use, convenient, flexible, and swift.


MasterCard is another popular card. Canadian players can use to deposit money to online casinos. Works like a Visa card. It is useful all-around the world. The only difference is it operates within the MasterCard network.

Most outlets that accept Visa accept MasterCard casino. One outlet is online casinos. Players find it to be reliable for progressive jackpots. It has been around for years. There are variants of this option. They are like different types of Visa cards for visa casinos.

American Express

The American Express credit card. It is popular in the USA and Canada for pass bets and sports bets. The card comes from American Express Bank. It works like any standard credit card. Holders get a fixed credit limit. They must make payments at the end of the month. It will allow them to continue using their gift cards. Not all casinos accept deposits made with American Express cards. Those that do, offer a convenient way to deposit funds. The method is as reliable instant banking.


Bank cards are classic payment methods. They began dropping in demand with the emergence of eWallets. Another name for them is digital wallets. eWallets are online payment methods. They don’t involve issuing an account.

The eWallets include, peer-to-peer methods, such as PayPal for paypal casino.  Plus, others such as digital wallets, offer the swiftest transactions. Make instant deposits. Get cash outs within 24 hours of requesting. But, not all eWallets are desirable.

They have low banking limits. It makes them unsuitable for huge jackpot wins from jackpot city. In Canada, casinos support varied lists of eWallets. There’s no shortage of options. Take a look at the popular choices. Explore skrill casino and experience its benefits.


EcoPayz is a most popular eWallets. In Canada, it ranks top for obvious reasons. It is an online payment service. It doesn’t require credit checks. Ecopayz allows users to send money. You can spend, and receive money as well.

The service features simple sign-up. It receives support from most online casinos in Canada. Ecopayz casinos provides notable customer support. It offers ecoAccount and ecoPayz Mastercard. These platforms help you manage your online dealings and payments. The account opening is free.


It launched back in 1998. WebMoney has its roots in Russia. It operates at a global scale. The platform is a reliable online payment settlement system. With WebMoney, you can purchase goods and services, send and receive money.

You can use various methods accepted in the network. Platforms that accept WebMoney offer a simple deals. You can in a convenient way deposit and withdraw funds. The method isn’t one of the swiftest. But, it is popular for the level of convenience.


InstaDebit is a bank-based payment method. It allows you to make payments using your bank account savings. As the name suggests, the method works more like a debit card, albeit virtual. You have to set up your account. From there, you can send funds to the casino from your bank account. Log in to your instadebit casinos account and approve the transaction. The payment method fits all customers in Canada.

Prepaid card

Prepaid cards are as the name implies. To use one of these cards, you need to purchase them. Prepaid cards come in different values. So, you can purchase a card worth $10 or $100. Get the cards from various financial institutions.

These institutions include banks that refer to them as pre-funded cards. Casinos that support these cards allow you to use a unique code. The code represents the value of the card. Most are only available for deposits.


The Paysafecard is the most popular eWallet. It is a sleek prepaid online payment method in Canadian casinos. Like most prepaid cards, you must first pay for the card before you can use it. It comes in various units.

The system uses vouchers with a 16-PIN code. It denotes the value of the card. Many casinos in Canada accept the Paysafecard. Players don’t require a bank account to use the card. You need not present personal information to use the card.

Vanilla Prepaid

The Vanilla prepaid cards are suitable casino deposit option. The method doesn’t involve credit checks and bank accounts. You can purchase Vanilla cards worth up to $500. You do not need to activate it. Like Paysafecard, the method uses unique voucher pin codes.

The pin codes represent the value of your card. The Vanilla prepaid card is popular in Canada and the US. It offers a convenient and reliable way to deposit funds. You can do that for your online casino account.


Neosurf is popular for deposits to your casino account. The voucher features a code that denotes its value. You can purchase it in over 20,000 shops. Purchase can be using cash.   Any approved online payment method works.

Neosurf allows you to purchase products and services. You can use it on approved casinos. The card comes in units from $10 to $100. The card offers a convenient method. It doesn’t require credit checks or personal details.

Bank wire transfer

Electronic transfers are bank wire transfers. They offer an easy means to make deposits. You can deposit to the casino using your bank account. It is an electronic process. The platform involves moving funds across a network of banks.  Players pay for the transactions as well. Many casinos accept wired transfers.

Wire transfers come in groups. The group is with other banking methods. Most of them involve savings accounts. Bank wire transfers work more like debit cards, albeit across a wide acceptance network of banks. They offer higher limits than eWallets. But, they are not as swift. Wired transfers offer a familiar way to deposit funds.  It is reliable and secure for casino games.

Payments via mobile

It is through portable electronic devices. These are smartphones and tablets. They operate on (iOS and Android). Most Canadian players enjoy table games on the go. such include online roulette and online blackjack, scratch card, and deuces wild. So, platforms have advanced games to use on phone.

The games can run on mobile operating systems. As such, casinos allow mobile payments. You can make a deposit and withdrawal. The Canadian casinos support secure mobile payment methods. So, finding one shouldn’t be a daunting process. Most platforms only support a couple of options. Those with no mobile gaming experiences likely won’t feature mobile payments. It is our top-rated mobile payment method. Canadian players can use it for casino deposits.


It is one of the popular casino deposit methods. Boku is a mobile service available in Canada. The service allows players to pay for goods and services. All you need is your phone number. The amount you spend amounts to your bill. The mobile service operator receives it from casino. Users clear it when paying by phone.

Boku offers a convenient way to deposit funds using your smartphone. Any portable device that can hold your phone number is useful. Notable firms use the service. Such are Apple Inc., Google Play, and Sonny PlayStation stores.


It is the most popular e-money form. Bitcoin is a reliable payment method for bitcoin casinos.  You can use it for casino deposits. But, not all casinos support cryptos. So, it is essential to find out from support or service terms. Bitcoin is swift, secure, and accessible. The withdrawal process lasts 24 hours. These payments involve creating a digital wallet.

The wallet hold your crypto. Most Canadian casinos support Bitcoin. The casinos convert the amount to Canadian dollars for canadian banks. They revert it back to bitcoin when cashing out. Bitcoin is poised to be the future of casino payments. Bitcoin cash suits players seeking anonymous gambling experiences.

Lowest deposit online casino

Most casinos have a minimum deposit. Players have to pay when looking to play real money games. It is important to know the minimum deposit. Deals below the set amount won’t go through. The minimum deposit is eligible to trigger a bonus. It can be a different amount from the site’s minimum deposit. So, read the bonus terms and conditions.

Know the right payment methods and amounts. In 2020, most Canadian casinos have a minimum deposit of $10. You can as well find betting sites that allow payments as low as $5. Confirm from the FAQ section. Call customer support.

online casino banking options

Safety of Online Casino Payment methods

Players should choose secure payment methods. These are options other legal businesses use in Canada. There are many viable options.  But, most casinos only feature a couple in each class. As a player, the priority is to choose safe means to transact. You ensure convenience and go swift deals. It means choosing a reliable casino. Picking one with fair security measures. With that, you can avoid fraud online casinos. advises joining top-rated casinos. Pick one with advanced SSL certificates. Assess payment safety before you join. Responsive customer support is among other desirable attributes. Some payment methods offer anonymity, such as crypto. Others boast swift cash outs or higher banking limits. Stick to the options the casino supports. Choose to play in a legal platforms. You can trust their payment options list.

  • All Payments are trustworthy.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • Payment methods are swift in financial transactions.
  • Numerous payment options for players to have a choice.
  • All payment methods have valid working licenses.

KYC Processing at Online Casinos

KYC uses personal ID information (PII). It is a method that prevents money transfer laundering. It protects young people against underage gambling. The KYC process entails giving identifying details. You have to provide confirmation files. The casino can use the files to ascertain your identity.

KYC supports helping problem gamblers. It helps identify players attempting to register new accounts. They look at self-exclusion period. If you are on the list, they deny you entry. But, not all casinos perform the KYC checks. It is advisable to choose sites that do. It is proof of dedication towards sustainable gambling. The site show willingness to help problem gamblers. It doesn’t suit those seeking 100% anonymity.

Measures to combat money laundering

Online casino sites need KYC. The system tests is a crucial guideline. It is a measure that prevents money laundering. You can verify the identity of players. The site system allows easier player sign-ups. As such, it monitors all accounts. The aim is to ensure normal gambling activity. Results go into the day reports from the casino. It can help track deals (above $10,000). It highlights any other suspicious activity.

Most reputable platforms have a transparent anti-laundering policy. As such, the policy features tracking. It reports all significant transactions. Sites can impose withdrawal limits. They report gambling winnings to the tax authorities. Money laundering is a key problem in online casinos. The government is keen to identify and prosecute all found guilty.

Tips and Tricks

You can find reliable casino deposit methods. But, they are some many that it can be an overwhelming task. You have to consider all the options available. It is crucial for Canadian punters. It is fortunate that trusted platforms have various hallmarking attributes. You can use to distinguish them from the rest. The goal is to find a reliable and secure method. It should allow instant deposits and fast withdrawals. But, it depends on what you seek. Take a look at these tips and tricks:

  • Choose a trusted casino with a valid license.
  • If you want higher limits, go for bank transfers, debit cards, and wire transfers.
  • For swift payments, choose eWallets.
  • Stick to payment methods used in the casino.
  • Use payment methods with a growing reputation among Canadian players.

Our conclusion

The review is showing some of the best casino deposit methods. You as a Canadian player has a variety. We have highlighted important details you should know. It will help you find a reliable deposit methods. The method you choose can help fund your betting account. You can enjoy online casino games. Canadian players have several popular payment choices.

Our list features the top-rated options from great software providers. They provide secure and convenient deposits. It is advisable to choose regarded casinos.  These offer secure platforms with reliable payment methods. Most payment methods are trustworthy. Others are usable in other legitimate businesses. Playing in non-licensed sites can expose you to frauds and hackers.


What is the most popular casino deposit method in Canada?

Canadian online casinos support several payment methods. You should check the list of accepted methods on the platform. Options vary from one site to another. Visa, MasterCard, and bank transfers are all popular. It is the case for Canadian players. Digital wallets and prepaid cards are common in most top-rated casinos.

Is it safe to deposit your money with online casinos?

All casino payment methods listed in our rank are legitimate. They are safe to use. But, you need to join a trusted casino. They have adequate security measures. The most important aspect of reviewing is license validity. You should check for player data protection. And what other players say of the site’s customer support services.

How long do casino payments take?

Online banking methods may take anything from a few hours to several days. It depends on the method you choose. Deposits processing is instant. So, you can start playing after finishing the account registration. But, withdrawals will take longer. Some casinos impose waiting periods. Digital wallets offer the fastest cash outs in safely and securely manner. Within 24 hours, transactions are complete.

Do I need to register an account?

Yes and No. Some payment methods require opening an account. Such methods are debit and credit cards. Classic bank wire transfers. Modern eWallets, and e-money. The accounts can aid you in managing your transactions. Players can use methods that eliminate credit checks. They remove the need for an account. Prepaid cards, like Paysafecard for paysafecard casinos and Vanilla Prepaid Card, are great examples.

How much are the charges with casino deposits?

The best casino will charge nothing for deposits and withdrawals. However, most payment methods impose transaction fees. The fees depend on the volume of transactions. It is essential to check the terms of service when going for the red dog. You have to know how much you will spend. This is depositing option to your casino account. Some methods are free if you are making small transactions below $100.

Amelia Martin
BestCasinoRank author and analyst

Canada has an active gambling scene that’s regulated by the government. Punters from the region can play in local casinos. You can access offshore casinos as well. But, check if they support various payment methods. Our experts at recommend choosing popular payment methods. You can use one that you know to accomplish other transactions.

If you want swift transactions, eWallets offer the ideal choice. You should choose payment methods supported on the site. Be careful if playing in offshore sites. Choose sites with a valid gambling license from authorized regulators.