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Today, there is a wide range of online gambling platforms rising on the internet, so the work of online casino experts is in demand more than ever. This is because many fraudulent ones are also springing up too. For a new player, this can pose a serious problem. How do you choose where to play while ensuring you stay safe and don’t lose money?

Any wrong step can leave you in the wrong hands, but this is where at comes in. We consist of a team of experts experienced in the gambling sector. Our goal is to make the gambling world as safe and transparent as possible. We do this by providing a list of secure casinos to play. What’s more, we offer advice on how to navigate the gambling world for the best Online casino experience. Read on to learn more about who we are, what we do, and many more.

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Who Are We are a top resource for safe online casinos in Canada. We teach Canadian Players everything about safety in the online casino industry. We are a team of experts with many years of experience in the gambling field.

With careful analysis, our team strives to provide you with the best online casinos to play in Canada. We also help Canadian players stay abreast of the most recent online casino trends. This includes positive trends and how they can use it to their benefit. And the negative trends and how they can protect themselves against them.

Our gambling experts work to provide accurate and useful online gambling guides. They also provide a list of safe casinos to play, along with a blacklist page showing unsafe casinos. This is possible with the help of our ranking system, which helps us group online casinos. 

Our Team of Experts

BestCasinoRank comprises of experts available to offer you recent information. They include researchers, product specialists, developers, analysts, and writers. They all play a different role and aim to ensure you play in the safest casino available.

What makes us unique is that all our team members are actual casino players. This means we understand the risks involved in playing online and try to ensure you are safe. Our experts follow the recent tricks shady online casinos use to defraud players.

We work as a team to keep you abreast of the constantly changing gambling world. With us, you are in safe hands. All you have to do is read, digest, and implement everything we share.

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Our Mission

Our mission comes from the rise of scams and newbie mistakes in the gambling world. These are common and hard for a new player to understand without the proper information. Due to this, our mission is multifold.

  • First, we help new players understand the gambling world and what it entails. We provide extensive casino guides, reviews, and a list of the best casinos to try out.
  • Secondly, we help new gamblers avoid scams from fraudsters. The gambling world comes with shady casinos without the right licenses. They also offer shady deals as a way to steal money from players. We prevent this by providing a list of safe casinos for players to bet.
  • Lastly, we help new players avoid mistakes. As a newbie, a mistake can be very frustrating. We strive to prevent this by using our gambling guides to show players how to play in casinos.

Our Goal

The world is constantly evolving. But this has not stopped fraudulent individuals from evolving too. Now, fraudsters have come up with new ways to steal your money via shady online casinos.

This is what led to us establishing our goal.

Our goal is to help ensure the world of gambling is as honest and transparent as possible. We aim to achieve this by providing players with information on safe casinos to play for real money.

BestCasinoRank casino experts rank casinos based on how safe they are with the help of our diverse ranking standards.  All our experts work together to make sure new players have all they need to succeed in the gambling world. We also provide information on how to find casinos that will treat players fairly.

What We Do

We provide our readers with the information they need to navigate the gambling world. As a new player, this is valuable information that no one shares with you. However, the information we provide works for all types of players in the online gambling field.

This information consists of game guides and strategies. We also provide other useful information on responsible gambling. All these aims to ensure you stay safe and don’t lose your money.

Also, we provide a list of the leading casino platforms, where we rank them according to their safety. This will help you choose the best option with ease. Furthermore, we offer reviews of these platforms so you can see what each site provides.

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How Do We Rate and Review

The following are the standards we use to rate online casinos on our platform.

  • Game Selection. This is a vital part of choosing a decent casino operator. Thus, we offer extensive information on what to expect.
  • Software Quality. The quality of software can determine how fun or frustrating gameplay is. So, we check this out before we rate a casino.
  • Security and support. Our priority is your safety, so this is an important factor for any online casino on our list.
  • Licensing and legislation. Is the casino regulated by a reputable gaming authority? This is something we try to answer. Licenses differ between countries. And any casino running in a country where it has no license is breaking the law. Our experts show you casinos with the proper gambling commission license. This license allows them to operate in Canada.

There are also other areas we use for our rating listed below.

  • Industry reputation
  • Payment and Withdrawal options
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Available Bonus offers
  • Unique features available